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Womens Gizmoduck DuckTales Shirt T-shirts


When a haywire security robot barred Scrooge McDuck from entering his money bin, Gyro Gearloose invented a high-tech robo armor, which turned its user into a nearly indestructible combination of man and machine, and named it Gizmoduck. Scroog McDuck’s employee, Fenton Crackshell heard about the suit and conspired to take it. Fenton said the codeword “Blatherskite”, and the suit attached itself to him. Now armored with the suit, Fenton was able to destroy the security robot.

Gizmoduck appeared in several DuckTales episodes in season two and three. Show that you are a fan of the unforgettable character with this Womens Gizmoduck DuckTales Shirt.

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Womens Gizmoduck DuckTales Shirt

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