VR Cable Management Tools 6 Packs


VR Cable Management Tools 6 Packs

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Key Features
No more worry about cable getting stuck under your feet while playing VR. This set keeps cable off the ground which makes it easier to bend down and get up.

  1. Practical Retractable Design
    – Retractable pulleys that clip up the cable extracts or retracts easily
    – Will not restrict movement or tug your head
  2. Easy to Setup
    – No need to drill your ceiling or wall, adhesive hooks can stay stuck any smooth surface

    * Tips: Don’t adding weight within the first 24 hours after fixing or will affect the sticky effect. They might take paint off if applied to painted wood or drywall. 

  • Perfect and must have for Htc Vive / Oculus Rift / Oculus Rift / Sony PlayStation / Microsoft MR VR
  • Package includes:
    – Adhesive Hook x 6
    – Retractable Pulley x 6
    – Carabiner x 6
This VR Cable Management 6 Packs makes the vast majority of VR games simpler to play, without worrying about tripping over the cable. The tension on the individual units is well suited to moving around, it’s enough to keep the wires taut but not so much that it’ll pull the visor off your head. 

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VR Cable Management Tools 6 Packs

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