Newton Homeopathics Eye Care


Newton Homeopathics Eye Care


Relieves Pain & Itching in the Eyes of Cats & Dogs

Eye Care Formula helps to relieve symptoms associated with bacterial infection, overexertion, or foreign objects in the eye. A red eye, also called “pink eye” is inflammation caused by bacteria. An inflamed eye can be sensitive to light as well. Homeopathic remedies are safe and easy to use. They focus on health and balance rather than symptom suppression.

Newton Homeopathics is a family & veteran owned company that focuses on providing high quality homeopathic products consisting of wild-grown and organic ingredients. They make it their mission to be environmentally aware, give back to their community and provide their employees with a positive and safe work environment. Newton Homeopathics was founded by Dr. Luc Chaltin who studied pre-med at Rijksuniversiteits Antwerpen Medical College in Antwerp, Belgium and earned a homeopathic diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy. 


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Newton Homeopathics Eye Care

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