Lost Boys Frog Brothers T-Shirt

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Lost Boys Frog Brothers T-Shirt T-shirts


This 80sTees.com exclusive Lost Boys t-shirt features a logo for Edgar and Alan, the Frog brothers. The logo shows a frog on top of a vampire’s skull that is holding crossed stakes in its sharp teeth. The shirt includes a little vampire humor that reads First Come, First Staked.

In the Lost Boys, Edgar and Alan Frog ran a local comic book store and tried to get Sam, a new kid in town to read vampire themed comic books. When Sam realized that his brother Michael was a vampire, Sam turned to the Frog brothers, who told him that he’d have to kill Michael with a stake.

For any fan of the 1987 classic Lost Boys, this 80sTees.com exclusive Frog Brothers t-shirt is a must have!

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Lost Boys Frog Brothers T-Shirt

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