Endo Skull Terminator T-Shirt


Endo Skull Terminator T-Shirt T-shirts


This Terminator t-shirt features an image of the skull from the T-800’s endoskeleton. The reflection of fire can be seen in the metallic skull.

In the 1984 movie Terminator, the T-800 cyborg assassin was sent back in time by the artificial intelligence defense network Skynet to kill Sarah Connor before her son could be born. Sarah’s son would lead a resistance movement against Skynet. Though the T-800 looked like a human being with human skin, this was a disguise to cover the metallic endoskeleton and endo skull that appears on this t-shirt!

For any fan of the 1984 classic, this Endo Skull Terminator t-shirt is a must have!

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Endo Skull Terminator T-Shirt

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